How Long Till I Receive My Scratch Map?

Orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days (excluding holidays and weekends).  You can find out more about the delivery time on the page Delivery & Returns.

I'm giving this map as a gift. Do you include a gift wrap?

We don’t make a gift wrapping. But our Scratch Off Maps are packed in nice tubes with handmade drawings which make perfect traveler gift packaging. And every Framed Scratch Map goes with a stylish branded tote BAG as a GIFT. So the maps are totally gift-ready. 😉

The map’s set of accessories contains a greeting card. Can you write my wishes on it?

YES! Our Scratch Maps are supplied with the greeting card. Please contact us for the details on the particular map you have chosen. For some maps the delivery time will increase by 10-14 days if we gift message them, because we’ll need to ship them from another warehouse. You can add the text of your message in the information field to your order. 

If an item is missing accessories such as a coin or stickers.

First, check the details in the product description again on https://dmapfactory.com to make sure it is supposed to have what you think it should.

If the accessories are missing, please contact us, and here's how we'll handle it:

  1. Give us your order number and the name of the product.
  2. If the missing part is hard to describe, please provide a photo and reference a similar product photo on https://dmapfactory.com
  3. If we confirm something is missing, we'll send it out to you free of charge.

What materials are the Scratch Off Maps made of?

Our scratch off maps are printed on high quality white paper with standard poster density 250 g/sq.m. The maps are covered with lamination and SOFT SCRATCH foil that helps to keep safe the surface of the maps while scratching them off. We choose only high quality materials: paper, scratch foil, pleasant accessories to the map.


Where are your Scratch Maps made?

The Scratch off Maps are designed and manufactured 100% in Europe. Our maps meet and exceed the European printing standards (ISO 12647-2), which is making them more eco-friendly than pretty much any other similar product.


I like your Scratch Off Maps so much and I’m thinking about collaboration. How can I communicate with you?

We are always open to new suggestion and partner cooperation. So please don't hesitate to write us.😉 And we’ll answer you as soon as we can!


I wanna share my experience about your Scratch Off Maps. How can I do this?

We are so glad ♥ when our clients tag us in Instagram with hashtag #DMapfactory.

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And we would be very happy to hear your honest review to help us become better. You can leave your feedback on our Facebook page and on our website too.